Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The One about SNSD in Singapore...

Kpop fever rocks singapore once more! Was really fortunate to be able to secure tickets (Paid in full mind you) to the Girls Generation tour in Singapore. With that said i was actually rather disgusted with the tons of msges requesting for complimentary tickets to the concert as they are 'HUGE FANS'. Oh please... if you are really a huge fan you would have purchased the tickets yourself like i did. But I digress...
The concert kicked of with lots of applause and cheers from the fans and call me backdated but it has been a long while since i have seen such elaborate technical support and visual effects in a concert (well in Singapore at least)

The Girls performed all their famous hits and each of the girls also performed a solo item each for all the fans. I was pretty lucky to be able to grab a seat on the second row thus catching a good glimpse of the girls as they walked by! What really amused me was a Gag real that was screened which featured Taemin & Key (of Shinee) as Fanboys of SNSD. Do look out for it on youtube!
I would definately say that i had a great time at the concert! Even got myself some souveniers from the merchandizing booth too! Can't wait for the next concert!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The One about Universal Studios Singapore.....

The inaugral Trip of Universal Studios is has finally arrived for me! This time however i decided to make it a double combo as it also falls under the Halloween Horror Nights Event that happened towards the evening. But First things first lets kick of with the intinerary of the day.

Met up with Connie early so that we could be one of the first to try all the rides and when we entered we were immediately greeted by a lovable chilhood character Woody Woodpecker! We proceeded with the 'Lights Camera Action' which involved Steven Speilberg simulating a scene from the movie 'Twister' after which we took the time to check out some performances at the Monster Rock theatre as well as outside Mels Diner.

The land of Madagascar was was filled with our favourite Jungle animals and of course not to forget the psychotic penguins as well! Was pretty lucky to be able to grab a picture with them and of course the really entertaining boat ride into the caves of the Foosah! lol

The Land of Far far away was filled with funny versions of all our fairy tale creatures! Puss in Boots was out and about this time and if you happen to be there, be sure to check out the Live stand up comedy show by Donkey as well as the amazing Shrek 4D ride for a whole bunch of laughs.

It was a pity the 'Rapid adventure' Ride was down at Jurrasic Park even though the enclosure looked like a set from the actual movie. We decided to head down to Waterworld to catch the performance. It was a performance worth getting soaked for! Reenacting a scene from the famous Kevin Costner movie back in the 90s, this show was filled with pyrotechnics and special efefcts and not to forget lots of WATER!

Ancient egypt was filled with actors dressed as characters from "The 'Mummy" franchise. That of course included servants of Horus and Anubis as well as Mathayus from the Scorpion King. There of course also included the 'Revenge of the Mummy' ride that everyone has been raving about. A high velocity ride with special effects that will rock your socks off!

Next up was the Sci Fi city where we ended things off with the Battlestar Galactica ride. The Human version was enough for a kick for me so i dared not try the Cylon version.

The tranformers ride featured a new autobot created exclusively for this ride called EVAC. Words can't explain how mind blowing this ride was so do check it out yourselves ya?

To wrap things up we head on down to the New York sector of USS once more and took pictures with some of our lovable characters from Hollywood like Charlie Chaplin, Betty Boop, Beetlejuice... etc Definately an experience to remember but will the Halloween night be as good? Look out for it in my next post!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The One about RaNia live in Singapore....

RaNia is finally here in Singapore! And for the benefit of those who are not at all K-Pop Savvy. They are the much-talked about girl group consisting of 7 members T-ae, Joy, Riko, Saem, Xia, Jooyi and Di! It was definately an honour to be able to be part of the project together with the guys from DR Music and The Artist Connection in Bringing them in to Singapore.

Upon their Arrival in the Hotel i was surprised to find out that despite their ice cold personality on the Music video they are in reality a very friendly and cheerful bunch! A quick shoutout and big thank you to Joy who was patient enough to play the role of a translator for both the girls and us.

Proceeded to Club Butterfly shortly after for the showcase preparationd and Due to popular demand, there was 2 seperate showcases planned with the first also including an autograph session of their CD for all their fans. The Fans were totally passionate about this amazing encounter and i am sure the girls were touched as well.

The girls not only pulled off a great performance, but they impressed everyone with their sincerity and friendliness. Kicking off their showcase night with their debut track “Dr Feel Good” they also performed their follow up single 'Masquerade and surprised the audience with a remake of Baby V.O.X‘s “Accident”.

It was definately a pleasure and honour to be able to host the press interview for the girls. I went on my own accord to print a T-shirt with RaNia's logo on it and was rather happy when the girls noticed it and said they liked it a lot!
With all that said Thank you everyone who made this possible and thank you RaNia for popping by! Hope to see you girls again soon!

Monday, August 29, 2011

The one about STGCC 2011.....

The time has come finally for my annual pilgrimage to the Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention 2011. As much as i am a huge suckers for events like this i could only describe this years experience as dissapointing.

Don't get me wrong as the purpose of this entry is not to rant about how i thought the event was a flop but more of the fact that i thought i simply expected more of this event. Everything seems to be haphazardly done from the invitees of the Walk of Fame, the quality of the exhibitors and even the quality of the program booklet seems to be compromise. Am rather suprised at the lack of coverage from actual media as well.

Oh well, In any case i still kinda enjoyed myself and went on a frenzy in purchasing all my favourite comic books as usual. The DC booth had Legendary writer and Ex- President of DC comics grace the event and booth and i was lucky and fortunate enough to get him to sign a copy of my 'Legion of Superheroes' Comic book. There was also a Limited edition of Flashpoint #1 on sale! just finished reading it and the storyline is awesome.
Cosplayers were in for a treat as well because Cosplay Diva Kipi (http://www.kipi-fan.com/) was there posing for pictures with fans. She is seriously such a sweetheart greeting all her fans with that ever smiling face. In fact when actually ran over to the queue with the 'MY FANS!!!!' expression on her face when i first saw her... lol

Marvel comics had invited a whole much of their artists too and each had their own booth doing commisions and signings as well. A Quick shoutout and thank you to Stephen Segovia who did a Sketch for me and Lenil Yu whom signed my T-shirt (which had a design of Wolverine drawn by him btw)

I guess the most memorable moment for me this time happened when i was getting the autograph from Andrew Bell a.k.a designer of the Android Mascot (http://www.deadzebra.com/). He asked me what sketch did i want and i replied 'I like to drink so can you give me a wasted version of Android?' He laughed and did exactly that for me!

Well to conclude even though i expected more from this but i still had fun in general. A Quick shoutout to all the independant booths as well as the good people from Zaneeds who ask me to take part in their charity auction in which i won the Autograph board illustrated by ChanXCo.Till then!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

The One about Korean Wave Concert 2011....

Finally!!! Korean Wave 2011 is here! I guess this is as good an opprtunity as any for me to play the Role of a Fanboy but since i missed the opportunity to catch Big Bang Live in Singapore last year. There was little suprise for my over enthusiasm when i heardthey were popping by Singapore again. The show was Hosted by Min of Miss A and Kevin of UKiss.

But this time there is so much more to look out for coz 2NE1 is here as well! It was totally off the limits to see all the fellow Blackjacks and V.I.Ps screaming their lungs out in anticipation of seeing this two awesome group and i am proud to say i was among one of those as well.

The concert kicked of with 4 tracks from FT island and needless to say my favourite tracks 'Bing Bing Bing' and 'I Hope' were among those performed. Lee Hong Ki can most definately sing! can't really say i was a huge fan of them initially but i could dare say if there should be an opportunity to catch them live again? I would most definately wanna be there.
This was followed by performances of upcoming sensations such as Dal Shabet, X5, Teen Top and Da Boss. Even though this was the first time hearing their music, but it was not too bad! Not to mention that they had fans of their own so i guess the dozens of fans screaming explained their popularity for itself.

UKiss and Miss A was up next and i was amazed by the electrifying charisma of both groups on stage! Being a typical hot blooded male i have to take this time to mention that Suzy from Miss A was simply gorgeous.

2NE1 came up next performing some of their newest tracks such as 'I am the Best' and 'Ugly'. CL brought the energy level to a new high that night before Big Bang finally came on to the stage. Unfortunately Daesung of Big Bang couldnt make it but it was good enough for now to be able to see the guys perform their solo pieces.

To Conclude.. Totally awesome!Heres to all V.I.Ps!!!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The One about DJ MASA.....

Came across DJ MASA's music right about the same time as i came across Kpop music and as Lame as this may actually seem, it changed my perspective totally about music in general. Now I used to think that Kpop music was a fad that will pass and it probably will eventually. But I also do agree that many korean artisites have put in a tremendous lot of Effort in the production of the tracks, videos etc.

But I digress, In anycase we actually decided to bring down DJ MASA a.k.a Carlos Brandao himself for a night of partying at Dbl O after much pondering at all. Was rather worried if he was going to be a Diva and all but turns out he is pretty all right! Just like any one of us he enjoys partying, good food, the beach and of course KPOP music.

The party itself kickstarted with a warm up set by DJ S.Junior while Carlos had his meet and greet session with his fans and graciously accepted questions durin his press interview. The fans were awesome and i was seriously in awe of their ability to mimic all the dance steps to the kpop tracks. There was a short performance by the guys from Recognize studios as well.

I then had the honour to introduce.... DJ MASA!!! well.. words can't describe the atmosphere but if you are thinking along the lines of HOT, LOUD, AWESOME, CRAZY... you are probably right. I any case it was also very nice to have all our friends to show up and give their support to the event! a quick shout out to Yan, Adeline, Cake, ThungMay, Jasmint, Evelyn, Advin, Valencia, Leslie, Felix and any others i may have missed out!

Well to end things off it was a wonderful experience and we can't wait for our next party to happen. Also a big thank you to all the fans! Especially the ones that followed us all he way to the airport! (Haha... you know who you are)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011